Fast paced society | Orange County TherapistAs an Orange County Therapist, i know that we live in a dichotomous world.  We are either on overload or empty.  Hundreds of friends on Facebook but very few we physically connect with any regularity.  Not enough quality sleep, time spent with family and taking care of our health.  Consumed with an overabundance of work and responsibilities, leaving not much time for pleasure.  Too tired to even enjoy the precious moments of free time we have!

So, we eat way too much fast food and don’t exercise enough.  Spend too much money and then don’t have enough to pay our monthly expenses.  Strive to be happy only finding ourselves depressed.  Our physical health gets compromised. We maintain this insanity with the full intent on making our lives into what we someday want them to be.  We truly expect there to be a “someday”, not stopping to consider “what if?”  It takes a major crisis to momentarily stop us in our tracks.  When the dust clears, we pick up where we left off as if to not miss a beat.

It shouldn’t take a crisis to make us re- evaluate our values, purpose and goals.  Now and every so often we should take the time to examine our lives and our relationships.  We are so programmed to focus on nourishing our wallets but not our souls.  Not surprisingly then, when the wallet is empty so are we.  Why live with the hope that tomorrow will be better when you can make even small positive changes today? As a society, we have created this lifestyle and only we can change it!  After all, what if there were no tomorrow?

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