Often when we think of summertime, images of relaxing at a beach or pool comes to mind. Parents and kids get a breather from school. It is a common time to get away from work to vacation. This thought can be shot down with a single email, text or phone call from friends and family wanting to spend fun in sunny California. Suddenly, relaxation becomes a flurry of activity in our best attempt to entertain entertaining our guests. In essence, this translates into stress.

We are lucky to be living in the Golden State where sunshine and warm temperatures account for most of our calendar year. So, it is not surprising that people from other less privileged states want to visit. California is the land of attractions that people all over want to visit. Regardless of how many times you have visited theme parks, beaches, elaborate malls, etc. there is a compelling need to show our guests around. We feel guilty if we don’t.

Relaxation can be had this summer. Prioritize your plans first over outsiders. Set a limit to how many days and places you are willing to go and stick to it. Even determine the time of day that best suits your schedule. Above all, say “no” to many guests and yes to a select few.

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