When you have ADHD, everything is a priority:) That is mostly due to the fact that every time there is incoming info, it becomes front and center of importance. Best to have an ongoing list that you review and if necessary, rewrite every morning according to priority. Choose no more than 5 items to accomplish that day. The number of items will vary with task complexity, so if you have 5 things that will take a number of hours each to complete, reduce your list to 2–3 feasible ones. Whatever you don’t finish that day, ideally move it to the top 3 of what you want to accomplish the following day. You can make a tentative list at night but be sure to review it in the morning because priorities can change. Something urgent can pop up. If you can’t decide on your top 3–5, ask yourself what would happen if each one didn’t get completed that day. Your answer will determine priority. For most people with ADHD, starting is not so much the problem as completion.