Those with ADHD are more aware of their surroundings which translate into many advantages. They are quick thinkers with great survival skills and sense of humor. They are adventurous and usually think of challenging things to do. ADHD people are extremely efficient at tasks they find interesting. Rubrics cube, puzzles, mystery games, and especially video games come easily to them. The lack of sleep (hyperactive type) doesn’t seem to affect them the way it does most people. Every day is like a new one for them. The disadvantages are social as they can be seen as annoying unless they find friends with similar issues. Impulsiveness, failure to complete tasks, excessive chatter, misplacing or losing things, forgetfulness, repetitiveness, and boredom. Hyperfocusing with gaming, computers, smart phones and virtually all electronics can be a problem. Procrastination, disorganization and clutter are also par for the course. Lack of sleep greatly impairs functionality of the inattentive type.