Ready To Take Your Personal Development Transformation to a New Level?

Heidi Berman, PhD, MFCT

Just because it’s your journey and transformation Doesn’t mean you should do it alone


Dr. Berman works by drawing from various psychotherapeutic and life coaching approaches to achieve the best result in the fastest time. She doesn’t believe in dwelling in the past but rather using all information as a tool to gain insight, knowledge and understanding to help you move you forward.


Dr. Berman’s training, background and extensive clinical and practical experience enable you to work together to achieve your goals. She is a strong believer in self-empowerment and work to equip you to handle all of life’s challenges. The process starts with an accurate assessment and understanding of how you are feeling and functioning in all aspects of your life including work and relationships. We identify clear goals, existing strengths and areas that need reinforcement. Together, we develop a plan to eradicate existing negative thoughts and behavior, learn new approaches and skills to become your best self.

Benefit From My Expertise & Personal Attention

Almost all of the greatest athletes, sharpest minds, talented, and successful people in our world today turn to a coach, teacher, mentor or therapist for personal development, interpersonal growth and overall well-being. WHY NOT YOU? By working together, you will realize that existing barriers are either self-imposed or challenges to circumnavigate. Dr. Berman understands how difficult and personal it is to find the right therapist for your specific needs. In the very first consultation, she will make it clear and easy for you to decide whether or not this will be a good fit


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“Fitness is both mind and body”

Dr. Heidi Berman

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving"

Albert Einstein

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